Sunday, February 10, 2013

Garnet Silk Reggae Singer

With a silky smooth voice, roots-reggae artiste Garnet Silk established his presence in reggae music in the 1980s, with songs such as It’s Growing, and Christ in His Kingly Character.

Garnet Silk’s death came early. The roots-reggae artiste died in a fire at his mother’s house more than 15 years ago. Both Garnet Silk’s birthday and the day of his passing are celebrated every year by music fans. This year, the roots-reggae artiste would have been 45 years old.

Garnet Silk’s most famous album is, It’s growing. Other Garnet Silk albums include Nothing Can Divide Us, released in 1995, with VP Records and Silky Mood, released posthumously in 2002 by VP Records. Atlantic Records and Greensleeves Records have also released Garnet Silk albums.

Garnet Silk Albums- The Definitive Garnet Silk

Known for songs such as Every Knee Shall Bow, and Death Go Away, Garnet Silk was a part of the group of Jamaican performing artistes known as the Christian Souljahs. Other Christian Souljahs included international dub poet, author and reggae artiste Yasus Afari and popular deejay Tony Rebel, known for the annual music festival Rebel Salute.

Garnet Silk’s legacy is continued by his son, Fabian Smith. Silk passed before h8is son was 10 years old. Garnet Silk’s son Fabian Smith performs under the stage name, Deuce Califa. He performs rap music, unlike his father.

Garnet Silk’s recordings, as well as the use of his name, are managed by his son. Fabian Smith has other responsibilities in addition to managing the promotion of the music Silk recorded while he was alive. Fabian Smith also works to ensure that Garnet Silk’s name and image are not used in any country, without permission.

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