Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sarah Palin Book: Going Rogue

Sarah Palin-former Alaskan governor and former republican vice-presidential contender- has written several books, including one called, 'Going Rogue: An American Life'. She also wrote, ‘America By Heart’. Senator John McCain's aides used the expression 'going rogue' to describe Sarah Palin when she didn't follow directions.

“Going Rogue” gives details on what was happening behind the scenes during significant times in the life of the Palin family. It describes her son's response when she decided to resign from her position as Governor of Alaska. It also describes what she felt when she learnt that her daughter was expecting.

The Going Rogue book created controversy over its details on the time she spent as the republican vice-presidential runner. Mrs. Palin appeared on Oprah on November 16th 2009 to promote her book. ‘Going Rogue’ wasn’t the first book about her life.

Joe Hilley wrote a book about her called, 'Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader'. Some persons have praise for that book, saying that it is candid in its portrayal of Mrs. Palin. It explains how she became the individual she is today and describes her work and experience as a mayor. Others say that the work is limited in the amount of information it gives about her life, beliefs and work.

Lorenzo Benet wrote, 'Trail Blazer', which he describes as an intimate biography of Sarah Palin. The book describes Mrs. Palin as a small-town girl who wasn't satisfied with keeping things small. It describes the opposition she faced as the mother of three small children when she made a decision to enter politics.

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